July, fuck it’s hot

So after coming to the conclusion that I just don’t have enough time when I need it, I decided to go ahead and make some mixes to share instead. The intent is the same. Mixes to lead your ears astray. I’ll be doing this much more regularly than written posts. However, I will still do the occasional post, likely a feature piece on a weekly basis. This is just a simpler way for me to share new sounds with you and much more fun all around. I hope.

Below is a link to the first mix and track list

  1. Cosmic Neighbourhood – Bunk Beds – 3:13
  2. Orla Wren – Dark – 5:14
  3. Minoru Sato + Asuna – 25d29h32m – 5:38
  4. Noveller – Ends – 5:12
  5. Moon Ate The Dark – Messy Hearts – 9:11
  6. A Year In The Country – 47 Days and Fathoms Deep – 5:21
  7. Lake Mary – Winter Sun/Dark River – 9:40
  8. Volume Settings – White Oak’s Patriarchy III – 7:18
  9. Richard Ginns – Threads of Light & The Quiet Hum – 7:19
  10. Chris Dooks – Night Time Hats – 4:25



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What's burning once was whispering
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